The frontend architecture of Term Structure is designed to ensure the privacy of users while providing a secure and intuitive user interface. The front-end service is separated from the backend service in order to keep the core functionalities secure. The front-end utilizes ReactJS as the main web architecture. ReactJS has a large developer ecosystem and receives frequent updates.

To protect against DDoS attacks and achieve great performance around the world, Term Structure will be using CDN services and Docker technology to provide zero downtime.


Term Structure utilizes DNSSEC to prevent DNS hijacking. DNSSEC is a security protocol designed to protect against DNS spoofing and other malicious activities. It works by verifying that the DNS record being requested is the correct one, and not a maliciously modified version. This helps ensure that users are always connecting to the correct website and that the data they are viewing is not corrupted or modified in any way. This helps ensure that users can always access the data they need in a secure and reliable manner.

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