The Withdraw function allows users to move their assets, including Base Tokens and tTokens, from Term Structure to their Ethereum wallets. Like other rollup solutions, there is a waiting period for withdrawals. Users can initiate a withdrawal request on Term Structure and then use the zkTrue-up smart contract to withdraw their assets after the transaction has been proven and verified.

Step 1 - Term Structure Withdrawal Request (Withdraw from Term Structure to the zkTrue-up contract on Ethereum)

Users can initiate a withdrawal request on Term Structure. The Term Structure withdrawal transaction will be bundled into a batch of transactions and committed to Ethereum for verification. Once the transaction is verified, the corresponding amount of tokens will be unlocked on Term Structure. This process ensures that the withdrawal is secure and properly recorded on Ethereum.

Step 2 - Ethereum Withdrawal Request (Withdraw from the zkTrue-up contract on Ethereum to your wallet on Ethereum)

After the Term Structure withdrawal transaction is committed and verified on Ethereum, users can use the Ethereum withdrawal function to claim their assets from the zkTrue-up smart contract. This final step ensures that the assets are properly transferred to the users' wallets, allowing them to access their funds on the Ethereum mainnet.

Under normal circumstances, users can use the Withdrawal function to move their assets from Term Structure to their Ethereum wallets. However, in certain situations such as third-party service breakdown or natural/man-made disasters, users can use alternative methods such as Forced Withdrawal and Evacuation to withdraw their assets back from the Term Structure to their Ethereum wallets. Learn more.

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