Redeeming tTokens is the process by which tToken holders can return and burn their tTokens in exchange for an equivalent amount of underlying tokens, which includes the principal plus interest. This amount of the principal and interest is known on the day when the auction matching results are released.

Redeeming tTokens is an off-chain transaction that is facilitated by zkTrue-up in order to ensure scalability and security, as well as to maintain data availability. This process can only be performed after the maturity date of the loan and allows tToken holders to receive the full value of their investment.

Lenders can redeem their tTokens anytime after the maturity date, which is at 00:00 UTC+0 on the maturity date. The total amount of interest and the maturity date for the loan are both determined at the time of the auction and remain unchanged throughout the life of the loan. This means that the amount of the underlying tokens that a lender is able to redeem will always be equivalent to the same amount of tTokens, regardless of when the redemption is performed.

There will be no accrued interest after the maturity date for the fixed-income tokens. After the maturity date, fixed-income tokens will no longer accrue interest.

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