Buy & Sell


Users can purchase tTokens through Term Structure Secondary Markets. All the tTokens with different maturity dates minted after the Primary Markets auction can be traded before their maturity dates. Users can obtain tTokens through Primary Markets auctions or Secondary Markets purchases. Note that the minimum order size in Secondary Markets is lower than in Primary Markets.

For Example, if Alice spends 950of USDT to purchase 1,000 of tUSDT-20231231, Alice will receive 50of USDT as her fixed-income token return at the end of the maturity date on 20231231.

The minimum order size accepted in Secondary Markets is ~ USD 10


Users can sell tTokens through Term Structure Secondary Markets. The market liquidity provided in Secondary Markets will allow tToken holders to sell their tTokens before the tokens' maturity dates in exchange for the underlying tokens. Through both Primary Markets and Secondary Markets, users can be flexible in managing their hedging and risk-taking strategies.

For example, Bob has lent USDT through the Primary Markets auction at 5% earlier and now holds tUSDT-20231231. When the market price moves away after a certain period of time, Bob can choose to sell his tTokens for profit taking if the tToken is traded below 5% or choose to sell his tTokens to stop loss if the tToken is traded above 5%.

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